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What to expect

Sometimes hiring a home organizer can be a little confusing because maybe you aren't sure what they do exactly or how the process works. Professional Home Organizers generally come in to their clients home to help declutter, organize, and teach clients how to live a more mindful life in regards to their habits and space. Below I offered a condensed version of a typical session with a Neat and Tidy Organizer.

With our organizing process both virtual and on site organizing are available. We also offer different package options based on your goals and needs.

Our Process


The maintenance step is reached once the organizer and client get to a place where they feel the client's goal has been obtained. This is an ongoing process but organizational habits can be learned. The organizer will give the client recommendations and advice regarding maintenance and upkeep. Sometimes future sessions may be needed to adjust any systems that may not be working or during a major life event. 

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